Desboobs is getting married, dis is where she puts all that sappy stuff.

the proposal

Kevin decided to take a family trip to Hawaii this past September. It was for my birthday and he had also mentioned that he had also gone there when he was our daughter’s Zoe’s age so he felt it was fitting. I was over the moon considering I had never been and I felt that we were very overdue for a vacation with all the hours Kevin was putting in his job. I had missed him alot and Hawaii sounded like a perfect getaway for our family.

The second day we arrived, we had scheduled a sitter for romantic night out. Kevin took me out to a lobster dinner cruise. It was absolutely BREATHTAKING and I couldn’t believe we were actually there. He had brought a gift along for my birthday and for a good 30 minutes I had contemplated in my head, “What if its a ring? What if he proposes!? This would be the night, it’s too beautiful.” After the sun set, we finished our shellfish and Kevin along with majority of the dinner cruise sang me happy birthday. He pulled out the bag and I reached in and there was no box, but fabric instead. I pulled it out and it was the lingerie apron that I had been eyeing for awhile. Even though it wasn’t a ring, I was still happy none the less. I was having a great night and no non-proposal was going to ruin it! That is until I accidentally left my gift on the boat. My head must have still in the hawaiian clouds.

The next day which was my actual birthday, Kevin had planned a family night at a Chiefs Luau at Sea Life Park (from 50 first dates!). By the time we got there, I was annoyed from the day with Zoe. Plus I was hungry and my feet were hurting. Never ever ever break in new shoes while you’re on vacation, what was I thinking!? Anyways, finally eating and shoes were off, the show was about to start. The Chief came up on stage and called 4 different men up to join him as sub-chiefs. Kevin was the 2nd guy they chose. Part of me felt bad because he had to wear a hula skirt the night before and then part of me reveled in the moment because I knew he wouldn’t disappoint in making it for a memorable night.  They had them come up a few times. Once to do a dance, another time to introduce themselves, and then another time for a spear throwing contest (which HE WON HOLLA MY BABY IS TALENTED). 

Towards the end of the night, the Chief started asking the audience about honeymoons. He had all the honeymooners come up on stage with him and asked each individual couple about how many days they had been married. Then he asked all the anniversaries or just couples married 30 years or more come up on stage. It was inspiring to hear all the stories about each couple. Then when you think he cant fit anymore people up on that stage, the Chief then asks for all the sub-chiefs to come up on stage with their family. I’m sitting on my chair with Zoe thinking, “Oh my god, theyre going to ask us how long we’ve been married and we aren’t married. Oh my god this is going to be embarrassing. Do I bring Zoe on stage with us?”. Then before I know it, a woman who works there offers to take Zoe while Kevin is grabbing me to join him. 

We were the last couple they spoke to and of course thanks to my lead, we were wayyyyyyyy in the back. But then they pulled us out RIGHTTTTTT in the front . The chief stares at me and I look out into the crowd looking for Zoe but cant see a thing partly thanks to my nerves and the bright lights beaming into my face. 

Staring at me, he asks, “How long have you guys been together?”

"Uhm 3 years."

"And you aren’t married?"

I make a  head gester signifying no towards Kevin and say harshly "NOPE."

"Well, I think you need to say something man." 

Kevin looks at me confused and I’m looking at him like ‘Okay is this a joke?’

Then Kevin grabs the microphone from the chief and turns to me and starts in.

"Babe I know that I said that we were here for your birthday but I just want to tell you that I love you so much and I want to spend as many days and nights with you just as long as all these couples here."



I don’t even remember saying yes. I don’t remember him even saying “Will you marry me?” 

I just started jumping up and down trying to contain my ugly Kim K face.  I hug him and bawl uncontrollably. I kiss him and keep kissing him and tell him “You’re crazy!” Kevin didn’t even take the ring out, just handed me the box like ‘HERE TAKE THIS’ (I later found out he also blacked out from all the adrenaline of nerves).

The chief brings us back to reality and then says, “So is that a yes?”


Everyone claps and cheers and I feel like I just won the lottery. I was here in Hawaii with the love of my life and now I was engaged! The night seemed to be a haze but all I can remember is that I was smiling from ear to ear the rest of the vacation.